Sadhna Singh Birthday News: CM Shivraj reached Pachmarhi to celebrate wife Sadhna Singh’s birthday, distance from media


  • Shivraj in Pachmarhi to celebrate wife’s birthday
  • Chief Minister’s wife Sadhna Singh’s birthday is on June 10
  • CM’s family already reached Pachmarhi
  • Shivraj, who came on a personal tour, kept distance from the media

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan reached Pachmarhi Hill Station in Hoshangabaz district late on Wednesday evening. they wife sadhna singh birthday Came here to celebrate. CM’s wife Sadhna and son Kartikeya Chauhan have already reached here. The Chief Minister’s family has reached here to celebrate Sadhna Singh’s birthday on June 10.

Shivraj reached Pachmarhi with a convoy of vehicles late on Wednesday evening. He is staying with the family at Ravi Shankar Bhavan. In Pachmarhi, he is away from the general public and the media. Administrative officials told that this is his personal visit. Therefore, media personnel have not been allowed entry.

Sadhna Singh was born on June 10, 1965 in Gondia district of Maharashtra. After marrying Shivraj in the year 1992, she came to Madhya Pradesh. Sadhana Kirar, popularly known as Mami among the people of the state, is associated with political-social activities along with being the national president of the Mahasabha. He is also an efficient manager, excellent strategist, election campaigner and election manager.

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After being elected MP from Vidisha for the first time in 1991, Shivraj’s sister had sent him to meet Sadhna. Shivraj, who had decided not to get married before this, saw Sadhna and was heartbroken at first sight.

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He wrote a letter and told his heart to Sadhna Singh and both kept meeting secretly. During this, he proposed Sadhna for marriage by giving a rose flower and then got married on May 6, 1992.


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