Romance on Bollywood songs is heavy for the police; Notice issued by DCP

The on-duty romance hit the police couple hard; Videos go viral, get legal notice

Mumbai June 10: The entire country is currently plagued by a growing contagion of corona. (Coronavirus) To break the chain of corona, the government adopted the option of lockdown. However, due to this, the annoyance of the police has increased tremendously. Police have to patrol day and night with Corona. The common man is sitting in the house. But on the other hand, the police have to work more time to protect the public by canceling their holidays. (Delhi Police) In such a disturbing atmosphere, four police moments, a police couple started dancing to Bollywood songs. (Dance on bollywood song) These romantic videos are currently catching everyone’s attention on social media.

The police couple is from Delhi. He danced to Bollywood songs in police uniform while on lockdown duty. He also shared this video on social media. Some people praised him after watching this video. But some began to criticize him. The video has now been recorded by the Delhi Police administration. DCP Usha Rangani has issued an official notice to him. They have been asked to shoot such videos while they are on duty. They have also been suspended for a few days.

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Due to lockdown, everyone is forced to stay at home. And those who tried to get out of the house have also been beaten by the police. Unemployment on the one hand and police beatings on the other have also angered many. So many criticized the police video. He demanded that legal action be taken against them. But some netizens have also opposed the move. He described the current situation of the police and appreciated their video. Currently, Netkari also seems to be divided into two parts due to this video.

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First published:June 10, 2021, 11:46 AM


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