Riya Chakraborty can play the role of Draupadi in a big project, a film inspired by Mahabharata

Mumbai: Richa Chakraborty, the ex-girlfriend of Sushant Singh, who has come under discussion with the Sushant Singh Rajput case, has started getting offers in a number of films. She last appeared in the 2018 film Jalebi. After this he got no work. Then in the Sushant Singh Rajput suicide case, he had to visit the police station many times. After coming out of this discussion, Riya got an offer to work in the face of a big budget film. Face is about to be released very soon. Amitabh Bachchan, Imran Hashmi, Anu Kapoor and Crystal D’Souza are also starring in Rumi Jaffrey’s much talked about film Face. Riya is very excited about the release of this film. & Nbsp;

Inspired by Mahabharata Film
Now Riya has been offered to work in a film inspired by Mahabharata. In which he may become Draupadi. According to a report in TOI, Riya, who is starring in ‘Mere Dead Ki Maruti’, will play the role of Draupadi in a big budget film. According to the newspaper, this is a very big project, which will show the different dimensions of the characters of Mahabharata and Draupadi. Showed him that this film will be made according to today’s world. That is why this film will be modern and contemporary. He said that the role of Draupadi has been offered to Riya, but it is still being discussed at a very early stage. & Nbsp; Began his own career. Only a handful of Hindi films are included in his account. Bank Thief was his first Hindi film. Since then he has also acted in Half Girlfriend, Mere Dead Ki Maruti, and Jalebi. Riya is currently writing a motivational quote on Instagram after the Sushant Singh case came out. As he wrote in a recent post- When grief comes along, it gives strength. You have to trust me for this. Love Rhea.

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