Rapid vaccination campaign being run in Uttar Pradesh, 797 new cases of corona

Despite less infection in the state, the number of tests for Kovid-19 is being increased continuously, so that the infected person can be identified and treated. He said that since March 31, 70 percent of the tests have been done in rural areas.

Additional Chief Secretary ‘Information’ Navneet Sehgal informed that under the leadership of Chief Minister, the 3T campaign in the state has brought the Kovid infection under control in the shortest possible time as compared to other states. There has been a decrease in active cases coming daily in the shortest time in the country. He said that the 3T campaign of the state has emerged as a model for other states. Through surveillance, information about the infection is being taken from door to door under tracing by the monitoring committees. He said that along with this, from May 05, 2021, by running a special campaign in rural areas, in which door-to-door surveillance committees are also conducting antigen test of those people who have symptoms of any kind of infection. If the antigen test is coming negative and there are symptoms, then their RTPCR test is also being done, along with more than 11 lakh medical kits have been distributed to them. Despite less infection in the state, the number of tests for Kovid-19 is being increased continuously, so that the infected person can be identified and treated. He said that since March 31, 70 percent of the tests have been done in rural areas.

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Sehgal said that in all the districts of the state, in case the number of active cases of Kovid is less than 600, partial corona curfew has been removed in the districts and weekly closure has been implemented as before. He said that during the weekly bandh, a campaign of fogging, sanitization and cleanliness is being conducted in rural areas and urban areas. More than 1.50 lakh employees have been engaged in this campaign. Kovid vaccination campaign is being run rapidly in the state. A target of 01 crore vaccination has been set in the month of June. A target has been set to administer more than 10 lakh vaccines daily from next month. Large industrial units have been asked to vaccinate the employees working in their units and necessary support will be given by the government. He informed that the number of oxygenated beds is being increased continuously in the state. In the order of which 106 beds have been increased yesterday. Piku/Neeku beds are also being prepared for the treatment of children with COVID-19 infection.

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Sehgal said that despite the partial corona curfew, industrial activities are being done at a brisk pace. Instructions have been given by the Chief Minister to immediately give consent or permission on the proposals of new investors coming to the state. Action is going on on a new proposal of about Rs 66,000 crore. He said that by amending the MSME Act, setting up of new industries has been simplified, in which no paper is required for 1000 days. The MoUs that have been signed are being put on the ground. He informed that 15 lakh laborers are working under MNREGA in rural areas. Instructions have been given by the Chief Minister to implement the works of providing employment at the local level faster through MNREGA. Sehgal informed that Rs 1000 allowance is being given to organized and unorganized workers by the Chief Minister tomorrow, under which more than 30 lakh people will be given allowance directly in their accounts through DBT. He said that under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana, food grains have been distributed to 2 crore 17 lakh eligible people so far. Under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana, food grains are to be distributed to more than 3 crore 20 lakh eligible people. He said that the state government would also distribute food grains to the eligible people. Through the Chief Minister’s helpline, along with knowing the well being of Kovid infected patients, feedback is also being taken about the food scheme. Talks have been held with 41 thousand people through CM helpline.

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Sehgal informed that the state government is determined to protect the interests of the farmers and the process of purchasing their crops from the farmers at the minimum support price is going on fast following the COVID protocol. Wheat procurement campaign will continue from April 01 to June 15, 2021. In the wheat purchase campaign, 46,96,521.87 MT wheat has been purchased from more than 10 lakh farmers, which is one and a half times more than last year. Additional Chief Secretary Medical and Health Amit Mohan Prasad informed that as per the instructions of the Chief Minister, the testing capacity is being increased continuously, while carrying out a large number of testing works in the state. A total of 2,84,911 samples have been tested in the last one day, in which more than 1 lakh 19 thousand tests have been done through RTPCR. A total of 5,19,08,115 samples have been tested so far in the state. He said that in the last 24 hours, 797 new cases infected with corona have come in the state. In the last 24 hours, 2,226 people in the state and so far a total of 16,64,295 people have been cured of Kovid-19. There are a total of 14,067 active cases of corona in the state. The recovery rate in the state is 97.9 percent. He said that the surveillance process is going on continuously. So far 17,18,48,603 population of 3,57,38,044 houses have been surveyed through 6,44,176 team days in 2,92,811 areas through surveillance team in the state. Prasad informed that in all the districts of the state, people in the age group of 18-44 years and above 45 years are being vaccinated on a large scale. He informed that 4,57,085 people have been vaccinated against Kovid in a day in the state, which is more than the Kovid vaccination done in a day from other states. So far 1,70,55,927 people have been given the first dose, while 36,55,756 people have been given the second dose. A total of 2,07,11,683 vaccines have been administered in the state so far. He told the people that those who have got the first dose of the vaccine, they must also get the second dose of the vaccine when the time comes.

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Prasad informed that the daily positivity rate in the state is 0.3 percent. He informed that 30.5 tests are being done on each positive case in the state, whereas in other states like Maharashtra, 6.4 tests per positive case, Karnataka 11.5 tests per positive case, Kerala 10.8 tests per positive case, Delhi 14 tests are being conducted in each positivity case in Tamil Nadu, 12.8 tests on each positivity case and 11.40 tests on each positivity case in Andhra Pradesh. Prasad said that work is being done on special vaccination of parents and women. From Monday, vaccination of milk vendors, vegetable vendors, auto, tampon and rickshaw drivers, street vendors, street vendors etc. will be done. He thanked the health workers, policemen and personnel engaged in controlling the infection of Kovid-19 for the work being done by them. He has appealed to the people to make use of masks compulsorily, keep washing hands with sanitizer and soap. Be sure to follow the covid protocol even after vaccination. In case of any problem, you can contact on the helpline number 18001805145.

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