Ramdev Corona vaccine: Amidst the allopathy controversy, Ramdev announced to get the corona vaccine


  • Baba Ramdev, surrounded by allopathy controversy, announced that he would soon get the corona vaccine
  • In the past, there was a strong opposition to Ramdev after the controversial statement about allopathy.
  • Regarding his statement on allopathic medicines, FAIMA had issued notice to him and sought his reply.

Baba Ramdev, who is surrounded by allopathy controversy, announced that he will get the corona vaccine soon. With this, Ramdev appealed to everyone to get the corona vaccine. In the past, Ramdev had a strong protest after the controversial statement about allopathy, after which he withdrew his statement.

Ramdev said in Haridwar that yoga prevents complications from corona, so yoga must be practiced. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced to provide free vaccine to all people above 18 years of age in the country from June 21.

FAIMA notice to Ramdev
The Federation of All India Medical Association (FAIMA) had issued a notice to him and sought his reply regarding his statement on allopathic medicines. Responding to this, Ramdev said that there is no merit in the notice. He has withdrawn his statement. His statement was presented out of context. He questioned the excessive use of only practical treatment.

There was strong opposition to Ramdev’s statement
After the controversial statement of Ramdev, the IMA had expressed a strong protest. After this, Baba had to withdraw his statement at the behest of the Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan. Harsh Vardhan had told Ramdev that his statement had hurt the doctors, so he should withdraw his statement.

Ramdev will get the vaccine


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