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See the hard work of Rakhi (Rakhi Sawant) to become thinner.

Mumbai June 9 : drama queen rakhi sawant (Rakhi Sawant) There is no telling what will happen next. Currently it is consistently seen in the discussion. Now Rakhi has started working on her fitness. So working hard to thin yourself out.

Rakhi’s video in a fitness center is going viral. In which she is seen doing a handstand. Rakhi herself shared this fitness video with the caption My Yoga. So Rakhi seems to have taken fitness to heart now. (Rakhi yoga video)

She has also received several comments since then. So one has written, ‘After Shehnaz Gill, you will be the one to be transformed’. Actress Shehnaz Gill had also lost weight. After that, however, she came into the limelight. Therefore, her fans are wondering whether Rakhi wants to be like Shehnaz.

There is no doubt that Rakhi will soon be seen flaunting her beautiful figure. Rakhi is always sharing her funny videos. She had recently shared a photo of herself in the form of a snake. Apart from this, she is often seen walking on the streets of Mumbai. So she is constantly in the discussion for a variety of reasons.

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Comedian Jamie Lever, daughter of actor Johnny Lever, had recently mimicked Rakhi. After which the video went very viral. Rakhi’s stubborn prediction was seen in it. Soon Rakhi will also be seen in an episode of Indian Idol. She informed this while posting on social media.

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First published:June 9, 2021, 2:58 PM IS


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