Rajasthan news: Liquor, being taken from Haryana to Gujarat, was hidden in straw bags…


  • Excise police caught truck full of illegal liquor near Gunti village
  • Proceedings of Behrod Excise ci Ajay Kumar
  • 343 boxes of illegal liquor seized in the truck
  • Liquor cost around Rs 10 lakh

Cases of liquor smuggling are continuously coming to the fore in the state. Amidst reports of liquor smuggling in Sirohi district continuously, information was received from Alwar in the same sequence on Tuesday.
Behrod Excise Police of Alwar district, while taking action against illegal liquor late night, seized a truck carrying liquor from Haryana to Gujarat near Gunti flyover of Behrod.

343 boxes found inside the truck
Excise CI Ajay Kumar said that information was received through the informer that another truck from Haryana to Gujarat was carrying illegal liquor. By blocking it and checking the truck number MH 41 GA 1168 at Gunti flyover, then the liquor of various marks was filled under the bags filled with straw. After this, 343 boxes were found inside the truck after bringing the driver and the truck to the Excise police station. Their market price is being said to be around Rs 10 lakh.

truck driver from Madhya Pradesh
Police said that the Excise team has arrested the truck driver Firoz Khan son Rafiq Khan Nalkheda Agar Malwa Madhya Pradesh. Along with this, the police has started getting information about the case that which liquor mafia is involved in this. It is worth noting that a large consignment of illicit liquor has been caught on the Delhi-Jaipur National Highway in many years, but the hands of the Excise Police never reach the mafia of the gang. Action has been taken. Now it has to be seen, how far the police can reach in this matter.


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