Rajasthan government ordered black fungus medicines by sending special aircraft

Jaipur, Jun 5 (PTI) The Rajasthan government on Saturday ordered 1000 and 1350 vials of medicines by special aircraft for the prevention of black fungus (mucormycosis).

Medical Minister Dr Raghu Sharma informed that from May 11, the Government of India is allotting injection Liposomal Amphotercin-8, 50 mg, which is used in the treatment of black fungus and only 16000 vials have been allotted to Rajasthan from May 11 to June 3. Went. He said that in view of the increasing number of patients, constant discussions were held with the central government to increase the quota, on which the central government allotted 13 thousand 350 vials to Rajasthan for the first time on June 4.

The Medical Minister said that work has been done at all three levels to order medicines. The state government sent a special plane from Delhi which reached Jaipur with boxes of 1000 vials from Mumbai. Apart from this, 1350 vials have also been received from a different aircraft. He said that the remaining 9000 wile will reach in the next two days in a special cold storage container. In this way the state will get 14,350 vials in two days.

Rajasthan Medical Services Corporation Limited (RMSCL) Managing Director Alok Ranjan received these vials at the state hangar on Saturday evening. He told that about 3000 wiles from another company will reach the airport late on Saturday night. He informed that RMSCL has already placed order for 10,000 lipid amphotericin injections as an alternative arrangement. He informed that 5000 tablets have already been made available in SMS Hospital and Divisional Medical Colleges for Posaconazole tablet which will be used in step down therapy and alternate therapy.

Ranjan informed that apart from this, orders have been issued for 10,000 posaconazole tablets and 10,000 injections on Saturday, which is likely to be supplied in a week. He said that till date 29,350 posaconazole tablets have been allotted to Rajasthan, out of which 12, 802 have been received. He informed that a total of 59,750 quantity orders have been issued by RMSCL.

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