Rajasthan: Clouds of crisis again on the Gehlot government! 8 MLAs reached to meet Sachin Pilot

With Jitin Prasad joining BJP, the political mercury of Rajasthan has also gone up. The politics of the state Congress is now fully active. Its hallmark was also seen on Thursday. It has been learned that a meeting of eight of his most important MLAs has been held at his official residence on the Civil Lines of Sachin Pilot. In this, leaders like Pilot’s youth leader and Parbatsar MLA Ram Niwas Gavadia, Vishwavendra Singh, PR Meena, Mukesh Kumar have participated. Therefore, now the market for discussion in political circles is hot. This meeting has also intensified the speculation of Sachin Pilot joining the BJP.

Sachin Pilot’s anger came to the fore again
Let us tell you why this meeting has been called, at present there is doubt on it. But its political implications are definitely visible. Experts say that this meeting of eight MLAs being held at Sachin Pilot’s house is also special because recently Sachin Pilot had expressed displeasure with the party leadership for not resolving the issue on behalf of the Conciliation Committee. In such a situation, it is being said that Sachin Pilot is still angry with Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot. At the same time, the party high command is also unhappy.
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Preparations for the death anniversary of Rajesh Pilot also intensified
It is also getting information that preparations are going on on behalf of Sachin Pilot regarding the death anniversary of Rajesh Pilot on June 11. But with the preparations for the death anniversary, this thing has also come to the fore by quoting sources. Pilot and his supporting MLAs will perform their ‘show of strength’ at the death anniversary program to send a signal of displeasure to the Congress leadership.
Political damage control started in Rajasthan, Dharmendra Rathod, close to CM Gehlot, met Vishvendra Singh
Gehlot camp is also fully alert
The great thing is that along with Sachin Pilot, the Gehlot camp is now on a full alert mode. Dharmendra Rathod, who is considered very close to CM Gehlot, had recently met with pilot supporters Vishvendra Singh and PR Meena. It is also being speculated that now the exercise has intensified by the Gehlot government to include them in the cabinet under damage control.

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