Rajasthan: Amidst the ongoing political upheaval in the state, ‘missing posters’ of former CM Vasundhara Raje were seen, anger in BJP


  • Unknown people pasted posters of former CM and son MP Dushyant in the home district of Jhalawar on Wednesday night.
  • posters of disappearance and plea for return
  • Rage between BJP and Raje supporters
  • District President warns those pasting posters

Jhalawar, Arjun Arvind
In the politics of Rajasthan state these days, in the midst of the displeasure of Pilot in the Ashok Gehlot government and the ongoing uproar over the suspension of the mayor of Jaipur Greater Municipal Corporation, former Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje has also made an entry. In fact, Raje’s entry is due to his ‘missing posters’ pasting his political land in Jhalawar district. In the poster, Vasundhara and Dushyant have been told as missing and the person who gives the address is asked to be entitled to the attractive reward.

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Missing posters of Raje and Dushyant Singh
Here, after putting up such posters, there is a ruckus in Jhalawar district. It is being told that on Wednesday night, unknown people have pasted the missing posters of Vasundhara Raje, former Chief Minister and MLA from Jhalrapatan Assembly of Jhalawar district. At the same time, his son Dushyant Singh, MP of Jhalawar-Baran parliamentary constituency, has also been told missing in the poster. According to the information received, when the people of the city came out of their homes on Thursday morning, this issue came to the fore.

Rage among supporters of BJP and Raje
There is a lot of anger among the supporters of Jhalawar BJP and Raje over this matter. Jhalawar BJP District President Sanjay Jain ‘Tau’ has given a statement in this matter. their
Have to say, those who have shown their bad mentality will be given a stern reply. Sanjay Jain said that Vasundhara Raje has been associated with Jhalawar for the last 32 years, this is her political work land, Raje cannot leave the people of this place under any circumstances. Even during the time of Kovid epidemic, he has helped the people of Jhalawar in every possible way, but still some people are trying to defame him by doing such acts.

The district president said – the minister of the government also praised the former CM
District President Sanjay Jain Tau said that even the Minister of Rajasthan Government, Pramod Jain Bhaya, has praised former Chief Minister Raje for his work in helping Kovid patients. But this kind of behavior of people is indecent.

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Read what is written in the posters posted in the markets
It is noteworthy that posters of the disappearance of Vasundhara Raje and Dushyant Singh have been put up at bus stands in Jhalawar city, Murti Chauraha, Mangalpura, Girls School, and Jhalrapatan. In the poster, it is written on the photo of the missing, followed by Dear, Vasundhara ji and Dushyant ji, MLA Jhalawar and MP Jhalawar-Baran. After this, it is written in the poster, where have you gone leaving all the residents of Jhalawar in this corona-like disease. Don’t be afraid come back what about the people. Will forget again in a couple of days. With which you will be able to run your corrupt system again easily. No one will tell you anything. It is written below that the attractive people who tell their address will be entitled to the reward. The troubled public of the applicant Jhalawar.

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