Pune Black Magic: Several black dolls found hanging from tree trunk, suspected of black magic

Despite continuous efforts, still incidents related to superstition are seen in the society. A similar incident has come to light in Pune, Maharashtra where a black doll was found hanging from a tree. Seeing this tree located on the side of Riverside Road in Pune, it is felt that rituals related to black magic are allegedly performed here.

Many hand made black dolls are stuck in the trunk of this tree. Along with this, local people have been seen coming here and doing some kind of ritual. Photos of such funerals in Pune have surfaced in the past and action has been taken from time to time. Despite this, such incidents are still seen.

Black magic is prohibited in Maharashtra
The practice of black magic is completely prohibited in the state and is a punishable offense under the Maharashtra Aghori Practice and Black Magic Act 2013. Despite this, this is being seen in Pune. The civic body and the police need to pay attention to this. Taking immediate action on such acts, a safe social environment should be ensured.


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