Prayagraj: These two seafarers living under the Naini Bridge do the ‘work’ of saving lives, so far have saved 350 lives

Naini Bridge of Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh suicide point The name is starting to get ugly. Since 2004 till now, many people have given their lives by jumping from this bridge. However, in the game of death there are not only people who lose their lives but also save lives. Manoj and his Divyang uncle are among such people. Together they have told the lives of hundreds of people who wanted to end their lives by jumping off the Naini Bridge.

Sailor Manoj Nishad has so far rescued 350 people from Suicide Point Cable Stay Bridge in Yamuna. He first saved a young man who had jumped off a bridge in 2010. After this, it has become their job to save the lives of people at this suicide point. Manoj Nishad, a resident of Chaukhandi in the Kidganj area of ​​Prayagraj, drives a boat from the new bridge to the Sangam. The head of the family i.e. his father is old, so the responsibility of the family is on his shoulders.

Saved many lives even after being disabled

The Naini Naya bridge was built in the year 2004. Since then, people started committing suicide by jumping off the bridge. This bridge became the most suitable place to commit suicide for people who are desperate, frustrated with life and fighting at home and failing in exams. In such a situation, whenever someone jumped over such a new bridge, Manoj would have jumped into the water to save his life without caring for his life.

Manoj’s action would have happened before the police arrived. If the police came later, they would have thanked Manoj. Manoj has saved more than 350 lives so far. For this, Manoj has also been given due respect by the police. The special thing is that Manoj does not take money in lieu of saving anyone’s life. He was engaged in the work of saving people’s lives even during the period of Kovid-19 lockdown.

Divyang but saving people’s lives
Buddhu Nishad, a resident of Keedganj, Prayagraj, is almost 50 years old and he is disabled with one leg. He had to lose a leg in a road accident. Buddhu Nishad, who took care of his family by driving a boat, says that ever since this bridge was built, people have been jumping over it and giving life. For eighteen years we are seeing this whole scene with our own eyes because we live under the bridge. In such a situation, they are saving the lives of those who jumped their lives.


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