Postal Department Initiative! Bone immersion can be done for loved ones sitting at home

Many people have lost their loved ones due to Kovid-19 infection, but the saddest thing is that people could not even perform the last rites of their loved ones. Whose tension is still with the people of the family who died due to infection during the period of Kovid-19, because there is a tradition of bone immersion in holy rivers in Sanatan Dharma in India. The post office has understood this pain. With a good initiative of the Indian Postal Department, now the ashes from any corner of the country can be sent from the post offices to the places of religious places through speed post.

The Department of Posts has started a new initiative for the families of people who are not in the phase of Kovid-19 transition. With the initiative taken by the Department of Posts in collaboration with the organization Om Divya Darshan, you can send the ashes of your family members by speed post to Varanasi, Prayagraj, Haridwar and Gaya. The people present there will get the rituals performed with rituals including bone immersion. Om Divya Darshan Sanstha The Department of Posts has started the initiative in association with After all the rites, a bottle of Gangajal will also be sent by the post office to the relatives of the deceased on behalf of the institution.

Pictures of immersion will also be sent to the family
To avail this facility, the desired person has to get himself registered on the portal of Om Divya Darshan Sanstha. After this, the packet of bones will be sent by speed post through the post office on behalf of the said person. A well packed bone pack should have ‘Om Divya Darshan’ written in bold letters, so that it can be distinguished. The full name, address and mobile number of the sender will also have to be written on the packet. Speed ​​post fee will be charged from the sender only. Not only this, the institution will also send all the pictures of the funeral to the family on its behalf. Not only this, its direct pictures or organization will be shown live to the family members.


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