Politics on BPSC cutoff, ‘9th pass Netaji has tremendous pain in stomach’, Tejashwi on target of Sanjay Jaiswal


  • Rhetoric on BPSC Cutoff Marks in Bihar
  • Sanjay Jaiswal replied to Tejashwi Yadav
  • ‘9th pass Netaji is having severe stomach ache’

The politics of Bihar is raging on the BPSC cutoff. If the marks of reserved and unreserved categories are equal, one is seeing a conspiracy and the other is happy that the competition is equal. The leaders of the two major parties are giving their respective arguments.

Tejashwi on Jaiswal’s target on the pretext of cutoff
Leader of Opposition Tejashwi Yadav had started rhetoric about the cutoff in BPSC result. Now BJP state president Sanjay Jaiswal has given an answer to Tejashwi Yadav. Bihar BJP President targeted Tejashwi Yadav through his social media post. In his Facebook post, Sanjay Jaiswal wrote that ‘Our 9th pass leader is having severe stomach ache after seeing the BPSC result. Their pain is how the cut-off marks of the backwards have become at par with that of the general category. They are saying that then what is the benefit of reservation. That is, the 9th pass leader would have been very happy that instead of 535 of the general category, the backward class would have been selected at 250. His father had built a shepherd’s school with a lot of hard work and explained the politics of feeding the backward people with sticks throughout their life.
Tejashwi’s new ‘pain’… now rhetoric on the pretext of cut off marks, Bihar’s politics has overtaken reservation
Development of backwards threatens Tejashwi’s politics?
Sanjay Jaiswal said that even in the matter of studies, he was a socialist who did not work hard like the government jobs of his time. Neither did they want the sons of Bihar to study nor did they teach their sons. Today, when the sons of the poor backward have reached the same level as the general class, then their political future seems to be ending. Today, 514 scheduled tribe children and scheduled caste children have also reached 490 marks and have reached all the categories. This was the dream of Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar, which the youth of today are putting on the ground. In the 80s, 20% reservation in medical examination was for girls and there was a difference of about 40% marks between the general category and the scheduled caste category.
General and OBC category cutoff marks equal in 64th BPSC result, understand its meaning from experts
Pleasant experience to be equal to cutoff – Jaiswal
According to the Bihar BJP President, in the ’90s, the situation in the medical college became such that the reservation of women had to be reduced from 20% to 3% as daughters used to occupy 65% ​​of the seats. Today it is very pleasant to see that there is an equal cutoff list for general category and backward class. The scheduled caste category also stands at a slight margin. This too will end in the next 5 years. True tribute to Babasaheb Ambedkar ji will happen only when children of unreserved or reserved category will take this country forward by taking equal cut off mark. Yes, the leaders doing the politics of spreading enmity only in the name of caste will definitely end forever.



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