Political damage control started in Rajasthan, Dharmendra Rathod, close to CM Gehlot, met Vishvendra Singh


  • Vishvendra Singh close to Gehlot Dharmendra Rathod
  • Seeing the new changes in the politics of the state, there were signs
  • Pilot put an end to speculations of going to BJP

To control the dissatisfaction and mutual tussle in the Congress party, now preparations have started in Rajasthan. After expressing displeasure with the party high command towards Sachin Pilot, it has now come to the fore that Gehlot is rapidly engaged in the exercise of expansion of the cabinet. Its hallmark is being told that Dharmendra Rathod, close to Gehlot, has met Vishvendra Singh of the Pilot faction. He is in touch with the leaders close to Sachin. According to the media report, before this, he was close to Pilot, MLA PR. I have met Meena.

All-round political attack on Rajasthan Congress, CM Gehlot is being surrounded on these 4 issues today

Pilot camp MLAs can be made minister again
If sources are to be believed, there may be an attempt to put an end to the cold war by making 3 to 4 MLAs of the Sachin Pilot camp as ministers. With the expansion of the cabinet, the party organization and various commissions can also be taken into confidence again by giving place to the pilot supporters. By July, the box of cabinet expansion to new political appointments can open.

More than two and a half years have passed, so there is dissatisfaction
Experts say that because the Gehlot government will complete three years after the next few months. At the same time, many appointments including cabinet expansion have not taken place. In such a situation, there is dissatisfaction even in the power including the workers of the party organization. In such a situation, now efforts are being made to find a solution in this regard as soon as possible.

The challenge of the Gehlot government is increasing in the mayor’s suspension case, the governor asked for the report, Dotasara said – should have been avoided…

Not only the pilot camp, but also the opposition of independents
According to the experts, due to lack of cabinet expansion and appointments from the Gehlot government, not only the government has to face the opposition of the pilot camp. At the same time, independent and BSP MLAs who stood with Gehlot during the political crisis are also angry about the fact that the government is still silent on this issue.

Jatin Prasad’s departure also created panic
It is also being told that even after the veteran youth leader of Congress Jatin Prasad has joined BJP, there is a stir in the Congress. In such a situation, now the Congress wants that the dissatisfaction of the leaders of Punjab and Rajasthan should be reduced to a great extent as soon as possible. Experts say that the party wants to find a solution to the issue of Punjab-Rajasthan before the UP elections, for which efforts are now intensified. This is also because a new image of the party should emerge from this and its benefit can be availed in the elections as well.

What does the chair manager of Rajasthan say?
It is noteworthy that there is a quota of 30 ministers in Rajasthan, at present there are 21 ministers including the Chief Minister. In such a situation, there is a possibility of 9 more ministers getting the chair. In this, now the highest chances are of those leaders, who are from the pilot camp and independent and have left the BSP and joined the Congress.

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