Political ‘bombarding’ on Banka Madrasa blast, ruling parties showering ‘shells’ on each other, BJP’s eyes ‘far’


  • BJP-JDU rhetoric intensifies on Banka blast case
  • Terrorism is taught only in madrassas: BJP MLA
  • Such people should be sent to a mental asylum- JDU MLC
  • Is BJP moving ahead with a well thought out strategy?

Madrasa collapsed due to blast in Banka, Bihar. Initial investigation confirmed the bomb. Investigation is going on. Now political ‘bombarding’ is happening in Bihar. Most of the shells are being thrown at each other by the ruling parties. It is believed that BJP’s eyes are ‘far’.

Bihar BJP President started
Bihar BJP President wrote a long post on 6th June directly Nitish Kumar was targeted. Sanjay Jaiswal’s direct allegation was that the minority community was inflicting atrocities on Dalits under Nitish Raj. In most places, the police-administration is sending people of both the communities or the innocent to jail. Jaiswal had also given many examples to prove his point of view. After the statement of Sanjay Jaiswal, there was a whirlwind in the politics of Bihar.
Bihar BJP President’s direct allegation, Minorities are persecuting Dalits in Nitish Raj, RJD said – Will you cut your hands now?
The storm raised by Sanjay Jaiswal had not even stopped till now that the Madrasa was destroyed by the explosion in Banka. The cleric died and the whereabouts of the four injured are yet to be known. Police is just investigating. Doesn’t say anything special. But politics knows everything. Do the politicians know what was happening in the madrasa and what was being hatched there?

Anyone else at Target on the pretext of Banka?
Haribhushan Thakur Bachaul, BJP MLA from Bifi in Madhubani, about three hundred kilometers from Banka, said that only terrorism is taught at these places (madrasas). The manner in which the blast took place in the Madrasa of Banka proves this point. In madrasas, education is given to oppress the people belonging to the downtrodden and backward classes.

Madrasa Blast: ‘Government should investigate all the mosques and madrasas of Bihar’, BJP MLA’s big demand on Banka blast

Road construction minister and BJP leader Nitin Naveen also questioned the role of the madrassa. He said that the matter should be thoroughly investigated. Why was the explosives kept in the madrasa, how the blast happened, it should be investigated. The government is also conducting a high-level inquiry.

Bihar BJP President Sanjay Jaiswal did not give any clarification on the statement of MLA Haribhushan Thakur Bachaul or any other leader. Rather, it left many burning questions. He said that this incident should not be equated with any other issue. After all, what is the reason that instead of taking the injured in the incident to the hospital, they were disappeared? Imam’s body was brought and thrown.

Barricade by JDU and HAM
How was the JDU camp going to remain silent now? JDU Legislative Councilor Galam Rasool Baliavi said on the statement of BJP MLA Bachol that such people should be sent to the mental asylum. Why do such people go to mosques and madrasas at the time of elections to seek votes?

At the same time, State Minority Welfare Minister Jama Khan also expressed displeasure over the statement of the BJP MLA. He said that he does not know why the BJP MLA made such a statement. He is like my brother, I would like to say that brotherhood is encouraged in mosques and madrasas.
Bihar News: First Purnia, then Kishanganj and now Banka, what is the truth of the madrasa blast?
Whereas, we spokesperson Danish Rizwan feels that some BJP leaders are constantly trying to destabilize the government with their rhetoric. By making continuous rhetoric against the government, they are giving an opportunity to the opposition to speak against the government.

BJP working on the agenda of 2024 and 2025?
In fact, in the current government of Bihar, BJP is the largest party in the NDA in terms of numbers. Nitish Kumar is the Chief Minister despite having less seats due to pre-poll commitments. Being the Chief Minister for a long time, he also has an administrative hold on every single thing. The minds of the big leaders associated with Bihar BJP are always bothering that till now no one from their party has been able to reach the position of CM.

The society of Bihar is so entangled in the caste fabric that it is difficult for BJP to solve it. The BJP believes that the votes that bring power are trapped in a caste vicious circle. Because of which he gets success, but the CM chair is getting lost.

Experts believe that the Bharatiya Janata Party is moving ahead on the agenda of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections 2024 and Bihar Assembly elections 2025. This time BJP’s bet is on the Mahadalit vote bank that Nitish Kumar cries out for in his meetings. However there is still time. Even then, if the target is right, the caste chains will also be broken and BJP’s lottery may also take place.


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