Pilot said about Rita Bahuguna Joshi – may have talked to Sachin Tendulkar


  • Political mercury rises in Rajasthan over Sachin Pilot
  • Congress leader spoke on reports of talks with BJP MP Rita Bahuguna Joshi
  • Pilot said – Rita Joshi must have spoken to Sachin Tendulkar
  • Sachin Pilot said – he does not dare to talk to me

Political mercury has risen in the state regarding Sachin Pilot, veteran Congress leader and former Deputy CM of Rajasthan. There is talk that the pilot, Ashok Gehlot dissatisfied with the government led by Meanwhile, there were reports that BJP MP Rita Bahuguna Joshi has spoken to Sachin Pilot, it is also being said that Sachin Pilot may join BJP. However, now Sachin Pilot has given a befitting reply to this political development.

Pilot said – Rita Bahuguna Joshi does not dare to talk to me
Pilot said that BJP leader Rita Bahuguna Joshi said that she has spoken to Sachin. He must have spoken to Sachin Tendulkar. They don’t have the courage to talk to me. Pilot also said that he did not talk to anyone in BJP nor did Rita Bahuguna Joshi call him.

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Sachin Pilot meets party leadership in Delhi
Meanwhile, information is being received that Sachin Pilot is coming to Delhi today at 4 pm to meet the Congress High Command. Earlier, there have also been reports that the Congress high command is constantly trying to persuade Sachin Pilot. The way Congress veteran Jitin Prasad joined BJP in UP, the Congress leadership has become very serious about it. The party leadership has called Sachin Pilot to Delhi that no such developments should take place in Rajasthan.

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Political mercury rose in this way in Rajasthan
Political mercury rose in Rajasthan when former Deputy CM Sachin Pilot opened the front and raised questions on the functioning of his own government. This intensified the discussion that all is not well in the Rajasthan Congress. Meanwhile, amid reports of Pilot’s displeasure, legislators supporting him expressed displeasure over the delay in resolving the issues raised by him. During this, half a dozen MLAs close to Pilot met him at his residence in Civil Lines on Thursday.

The round of meetings is continuing in Rajasthan
According to sources, MLAs Ved Prakash Solanki, Mukesh Bhakar and Ram Niwas Gawaria met Pilot after former minister Vishvendra Singh met Pilot earlier in the day. MLA Rakesh Pareek also reached Pilot’s residence. Solanki, MLA from Chaksu (Jaipur), said that all of us are raising our voice for the strength of the party. Those who question our allegiance to the party are not well wishers of the party. He said the Congress high command should listen to Pilot.


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