‘People want to see Nitish as PM, country is not handling PM Modi’


  • Political mercury rises in Bihar due to intensified rhetoric in BJP-JDU
  • Former MLA Maheshwar Prasad Yadav said- PM Modi is not taking care of the country
  • ‘People want to see Nitish Kumar as PM’
  • BJP-JDU alliance is only in Bihar, not in the country: Maheshwar Yadav

As the pace of corona infection is weakening in Bihar, the political turmoil has started intensifying. The way in which the two big parties of the ruling NDA, BJP and JDU are constantly making rhetoric in recent times, the question is being raised as to what is going on in the alliance. Right now, due to the rhetoric about Bihar CM Nitish Kumar, BJP has shown MLC Tunna Pandey out of the party. Meanwhile, now veteran JDU leader and former MLA Maheshwar Prasad Yadav gave a big statement on the occasion of Sampoorna Kranti Diwas. He said that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi The country is not going well, people want to see Nitish Kumar as PM.

Former MLA Maheshwar Yadav’s big attack on Modi government at the Center
Maheshwar Prasad Yadav, a former MLA from Muzaffarpur’s Gaighat and considered close to Nitish Kumar, on Saturday launched a direct attack on the BJP government at the Centre. He said, “Today there is an atmosphere of anarchy in the country, the situation is that the country is not taking care of Prime Minister Modi. In such a situation, JDU should contest the elections alone. People want to see Nitish Kumar as the Prime Minister of the country in the coming times. Regarding this, he has written a letter to Nitish Kumar and requested him.

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‘We don’t agree 100% with BJP’s policies’
Regarding the alliance between JDU-BJP, the former MLA said that this alliance is only in Bihar, not in the country. We do not agree 100% with the policies of BJP. The people of the country are upset due to the increase in the prices of essential commodities and are very angry with the BJP government at the Center. During the Corona crisis, the central government could not do a good job, so the country wants to see Nitish Kumar as the Prime Minister.

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JDU leader’s statement intensifies political stir in Bihar
At present, this statement of Maheshwar Yadav has once again started showing signs of political stir in Bihar. Maheshwar Yadav was in RJD before joining JDU. In the 2015 assembly elections, he was the RJD MLA from Gaighat in Muzaffarpur, however, he later joined JDU at the behest of Nitish Kumar. Nitish Kumar also gave JDU ticket to Maheshwar Yadav from Gaighat in the 2020 assembly elections, but he failed to win the election. He was defeated by Niranjan Rai of RJD.


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