People suddenly stunned by the sound of sirens in six police station areas of Araria

Rahul Kumar Thakur, Araria
Sirens have been sounded at six places in Jogbani, Forbesganj, Sikti, Palasi, Kuadi and Araria Nagar police stations under Araria district. On Tuesday, people were shocked by the sound of sirens at six places of the district including Araria Nagar police station. Due to the apprehension of something untoward, people became apprehensive that they would not have to face any untoward incident. But people heaved a sigh of relief when they found out that it was a mock drill. Mock drill was conducted today on the instructions of DM Prashant Kumar CH, which was successful.

Sirens have been installed in six police stations
Sirens have been installed in the building of the police station at six different places of the district to provide timely information to the common people in case of any emergency like flood. So that people can be alert about emergency situation. Sirens have been installed at six places in Jogbani, Forbesganj, Sikti, Palasi, Kuadi and Araria Nagar police stations under Araria district. In this episode, on Tuesday, in the light of the instructions of District Magistrate Prashant Kumar CH, a mock drill was conducted for the smooth functioning of the above installed siren. The mock drill conducted by the district administration has been successful.

Mockdrill under the supervision of CO and SHO
The mock drill was conducted in all the blocks of the district in the presence of the Circle Officer, Police Station Officer and the concerned officials at the respective places. During the mock drill, a loud siren sounded in the city. The siren installed in the district administration police station building has claimed to be successfully implemented.

Araria is flood affected area
Araria district is a flood affected area. Every year due to the mountain rivers of Nepal along with rivers like Koshi, Mahananda, Parman, Kankai, Ratua etc., the flood disaster comes in this area. Every year there is a huge loss of life and property due to floods. Due to lack of information, they are not able to prepare themselves to fight the disaster. This is the reason why sirens have been installed in the police station building of the affected areas to get timely information from the state government and district administration.


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