Pearl innocent in rape case? The victim’s mother took the actor’s side

Private conversation between Ekta Kapoor and the mother of the accused girl goes viral; After watching the clip, the mother took the side of the actor in the rape case

Mumbai 5 June: Actor Pearl V Puri, who has reached home through the series Nagin, is embroiled in a controversy. He is accused of raping a 12-year-old girl. He was also arrested by the Mumbai Police in this case. (Pearl V Puri in rape case) Meanwhile, famous producer Ekta Kapoor has stood by him in this whole case. He gets involved in marital disputes. Ekta claimed that false allegations were being made against him. She also shared an audio clip of a conversation with the girl’s mother on social media to substantiate the claim.

What’s in this audioclip?

This audio clip has a conversation between Ekta and the girl’s mother. The girl’s mother is also an actress who works in Ekta Kapoor’s series. She has also worked with Pearl V Puri. The girl’s father has lodged a complaint against the actor. However, this complaint is not acceptable to the mother. The mother defended the actor and claimed that her divorced husband was lying. She also said in the audio clip that the case was framed to prove how bad the actress is. In this 11-minute clip, the girl’s mother repeatedly defended the actor, claiming that her husband was lying. This audio clip has been shared on YouTube by the website Telechakkar. Network 18 has not confirmed that the sound in this clip is the same.

‘Conspiracy against Pearl’; Ekta Kapoor defends actor in rape case

unity claim DCP Patil rejected it

This claim of unity has been rejected by DCP Sanjay Kumar Patil. Responding to Ekta, he has claimed that there is concrete evidence against the actor. Speaking to the media, the DCP said, “The case was first registered at the Versova police station. From there he has now been transferred to Valiv Police Station. The statement of the accused has been taken. The accused and the victim’s mother were working on the same show. The girl is 12 years old. There is no truth in the claim made by Ekta. We have solid evidence against the actor. We will present all this evidence in court soon. The matter is under further investigation. ”

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