Patients recovering from corona are doing strong, religious, architectural and health benefits by blowing conch shell

Sumit Sharma, Kanpur
In Sanatan Dharma, religious rituals are considered incomplete without a conch shell. There are many benefits of conch shell. The sound of conch purifies the atmosphere. Positive energy is transmitted. It is very beneficial for religious, Vastu and health. Now patients recovering from Corona are also taking advantage of it. The conch is working to breathe new life into the lungs weakened by the corona.

In the second wave of corona virus infection, the virus has hollowed out the human lungs. Due to lack of oxygen in the body of the infected patient, the lungs have become weak. Physiotherapists are advising patients recovering from corona to blow conch shell and do yoga regularly.

These problems are being faced by healthy patients due to corona
The lungs of patients recovering from corona become very weak. There is a risk of spreading the infection again in weakened lungs. Due to which the problem of breathlessness is coming to the fore in the patients. Along with this, mental stress is also being faced due to spending time in hospital and home for a long time. In this position, blowing the conch shell and blowing the balloon strengthens the lungs and increases their capacity.

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Benefits of conch shell in point

  1. By blowing the conch regularly, abdominal exercises are done, which removes the problem of gas. The abdominal muscles swell and contract.
  2. Blowing conch does not cause BP problem. There is better circulation of blood in the mind and body. Relieves mental stress and positive energy is transmitted.
  3. Playing conch shell strengthens the lungs, proved to be the most effective therapy during the corona period.
  4. By blowing the conch, the muscles of the face are stretched and vibrated. Due to which the glow of the face increases and the problem of wrinkles is removed.
  5. The sound of conch purifies the atmosphere and destroys the bacteria present in the air.


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