Paras Hospital News: Cleanliness of the owner of Paras Hospital – ‘All allegations are wrong’, DM also said – Agra is a small city, there would have been uproar over 22 deaths

The death of 22 patients allegedly due to the shutdown of oxygen supply at Paras Hospital in Agra has gained momentum. Amidst the attacks of the opposition, where UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has ordered to seize the hospital, an FIR has also been registered against the owner of the hospital, Dr Arinjay Jain. Meanwhile, Dr Arinjay Jain has presented his explanation regarding the viral video. He says that the voice in the video is his but the talk of 22 deaths is wrong.

The owner of Paras Hospital says- ‘When the corona epidemic was at its peak, we had a mock drill about the preparations. We did a clinical assessment to test how we can keep a patient at the lowest level of oxygen. At that time not only in Agra, there was a shortage of oxygen in the whole of UP, medicines were also not available. We worked very hard not to let things get out of control.

‘Just checking that which patient needs how much oxygen’
Dr Arinjay Jain said that this video is from April 28. He has his own voice in this, but the talk of 22 deaths due to lack of oxygen is wrong. False allegations are being leveled against them. Not every corona patient needs more oxygen. Only critical patients need it. That’s why we did the mock drill. We just said this check that which patient can be kept at how many liters of oxygen level.

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There were no 22 deaths due to lack of oxygen: DM
On the other hand, Agra DM Prabhu N Singh also says that 22 deaths in Paras Hospital have not happened due to lack of oxygen. At the time of this video, April 28, there was ample oxygen available in this hospital. If there had been 22 deaths in such a small town, there would have been a ruckus. We have registered an FIR against the hospital owner under the Epidemic Act and investigation is underway.


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