Palwal news: By making a thumb clone from the registry and withdrawing money from bank accounts, the third pass also specializes in fraud, was running a gang of crores of fraud

Haryana’s Palwal Police has caught a gang that cleans bank accounts by making thumb clones from land documents. By arresting five people including a woman in the gang, 43 cases of fraud have been disclosed. At the same time, fraud was going to happen with 186 people within a week. For this, thumb clones of 186 people had been prepared. These have been recovered.

The gang members in connivance with the employees of the sub-registrar offices obtained the registry of the land and then traced the Aadhar number and then the bank accounts of the concerned registry owner with thumb clone. Then after withdrawing ten thousand rupees several times emptied the account.

gang was caught earlier also
In Noida and Ghaziabad also, the gang had tried to get the registry. Now there was a plan to do this in Gurgaon. This gang has also been caught in the past for running a fake call center. SP Deepak Gehlawat said that last month, he got the investigation done after complaints of fraud and withdrawal of money from bank accounts increased. After that the police reached the gang.

Arrests from Ghaziabad and Delhi
In the investigation, it was found that through the biometric machine, 10-10 thousand rupees have been withdrawn. This amount was transferred from the account to a wallet number and from there it was sent to the bank account. Through these bank accounts, the police reached Amir Hussain, a resident of Chapra, Bihar. On the basis of his interrogation, Rohit Tyagi of Ghaziabad in UP, Chittaranjan of Aurangabad in Bihar and Kiran of Najafgarh in Delhi were arrested. Rohit Tyagi is the master mind of this gang.

Accounts were opened in the name of laborers by giving them share.
This is the first case of fraud with thumb impressions in registry documents. When the police chased the money coming out instead of the thugs, it was found that this amount was going through the wallet to the bank accounts of some laborers. The fraudsters had opened accounts in the banks in the name of these laborers. In return, they were being given a share. After Gurgaon, plans were being made to do a similar fraud in Faridabad. For 10 days, the police will interrogate the five members of this gang and uncover other unsolved layers of the case. Along with this, the stolen amount will also be recovered from various accounts.

10-10 thousand withdrawn from biometric
SP Deepak Gehlawat said that in the month of May, information about such frauds started being received. Complaints said that ATMs, debit cards and even pass books are not used. Even after that Rs. On a complaint, the police checked the bank account details. It was found from the bank account that 10-10 thousand tax has been withdrawn through the biometric machine. This amount was transferred from the account to a wallet number and from there it was sent to the bank account. The entire amount deposited in the account was withdrawn from the biometric machine from 10-10 thousand only. Then the police checked the bank account connected to the wallet. After that the police reached Aamir Hussain, Rohit Tyagi, Chittaranjan and Kiran. Along with this, Tularam, an employee of Palwal tehsil, was also arrested.

Third pass, but top in fraud

Amir Hussain, a resident of Bihar, has studied till the third class. Several accounts have been opened in different banks under different names on the basis of forged documents created in his name. Rohit Tyagi, a resident of Ghaziabad, has done BCA. He has also been caught for running a fake call center. Rohit is the master mind of the gang and used to prepare fake Aadhar card, PAN card and thumb rubber clones. Chittaranjan, a resident of Adarsh ​​Colony of Aurangabad, Bihar, is 10th pass. 28-year-old Kiran, a resident of Nagli Vihar, Najafgarh, Delhi, is a BA pass.

440 clones made list to withdraw Rs 3 crore 85 lakh
Rohit Tyagi went to the Tehsil offices of Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon and Faridabad and asked for the documents of the registry, but till now the success was achieved only in Palwal. Plans were made to collect documents again in Gurgaon and Faridabad. By cloning the thumb impressions in the registry document, these people easily trace the Aadhaar number and then the bank accounts linked to it. So far, about 440 clones have been prepared and a list of Rs 3 crore 85 lakh has been prepared. So far, the police have received complaints about transactions worth Rs 36 lakh from about 50 accounts.

Wallet made at Palwal’s address
He needed a mobile wallet to transfer money. For this, rented a room in Ekta Nagar and got the address written there. The accused used to come to the room in the morning and after working all day, switch off all the mobile numbers and leave in the evening. Everyone used to come and go from Delhi. The police have recovered a huge amount of items from this room. These include biometric machines, 11 debit cards, 270 sims of various companies, thumb clones, rubber stamps, electric cables, photo plummers, rubber gels, laptops, printers, scanners, lamination machines, plastic seats, 186 ready-made clones of thumbs, experiments Clones of 34 rings done, 2078 registry documents, Aadhar card etc. have been recovered.


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