These Are The World’s Best Painted Aircrafts

Anyone who has seen the splendor of a special paint job on an airplane will agree that it is difficult to be impressed by normal works of art from this point on. We have to tip our hats to many of these breathtaking works of art. The custom painting of aircraft serves a number of purposes. From scaring the enemy with fearsome military planes to expressing one’s individuality with the private jets of the richest people.

Out Of The Ocean

Let us start with Airbus Paintshop in Hamburg, Germany, which has painted a third of All Nippon Airways’ (ANA) A380 series. How adorable is this airline’s Hawaiian sea turtle design?

ANA is the first customer of the Japanese superjumbo, and you can expect the other two ANA A380s to receive the sea turtle pictured above. Sea turtles are found in Hawaii, which is a nod to the Narita-Honolulu flight path. There will be three colors, besides the blue of this first design, the second is green and the last orange. The ANA A380 is an exceptionally intricate work of art and Airbus’ most ambitious project. Painting the aircraft’s 3,600 square meter surface took 21 days and included a sensational 16 individual hues.

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