‘Our house is in trouble’, Prajakta Mali appealed to the fans for help

She had reached home due to the series ‘Julun Yeti Reshim Gathi’ in Zee Marathi.

Mumbai, June 8- Marathi actress(Marathi Actress(Prajakta Mali)Prajakta Mali) Is a great artist. He is an equally good man. Prajakta is always seen maintaining social commitment. It appears to be working even in the current Corona epidemic. Prajakta has made a request to all the fans on the same background. Let’s see what Prajakta says.

Actress Prajakta Mali has recently posted a post on her social media. In it, she writes, ‘I urge everyone that’ Our Home ‘is a social organization working to help the poor in Thane, the children and the elderly who have no support. However, I hope that you will help “Our Home” to continue their social work. I am trying to help a little like me and I request you all to lend a helping hand to “Our Home”. Is.

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Prajakta appears to be involved in many social activities. She is also very active on social media. Prajakta is constantly seen expressing his views on social issues without any hesitation. That is why every person in the society feels like you. Prajakta has achieved great success in a very short time.

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She had reached home due to the series ‘Julun Yeti Reshim Gathi’ in Zee Marathi. This first series had her huge popularity. Since then, Prajakta has worked in Suvasini, Jai Maharashtra, Maharashtra Comedy Fair. Along with the series, Prajakta has also appeared in films like Kho Kho, Hampi, Shot to the Head, Sangharsh. Prajakta also shares various informative videos on YouTube.

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First published:June 8, 2021 at 4:21 PM IS


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