order to seal the hospital of agra in the mock drill case of oxygen supply

Agra, June 8 (PTI) The District Magistrate on Tuesday directed to seal Shri Paras Hospital and file a case against the hospital operator in connection with a video clip allegedly of a mock drill allegedly cutting off the oxygen supply of Kovid-19 patients in Agra, which went viral. have been given.

District Magistrate Prabhu N Singh, however, rubbished the news of the death of 22 people due to lack of oxygen.

The videos of Dr. Arinjay Jain, the owner of the hospital, went viral recently. In these, Jain can be heard talking about a mock drill to shut off oxygen for Kovid patients for five minutes.

District Magistrate Prabhu N Singh and Senior Superintendent of Police Muniraj reached Shri Paras Hospital on Tuesday after the video went viral. District Magistrate Singh has directed to seal the hospital as well as register a case against the operator. The Chief Medical Officer has been directed to shift 55 admitted patients in the hospital to other hospitals.

The District Magistrate also said that the news of the death of 22 people due to lack of oxygen is baseless.

The alleged video is being told of 28 April 2021.

He said that on checking old records, the hospital had 149 oxygen cylinders on April 25 and 20 cylinders were in reserve. Similarly on April 26, there were 121 oxygen cylinders and reserve cylinders were 15, he said. On April 27, there were 117 oxygen cylinders and there were 16 reserve cylinders.

Singh said that the above cylinders were sufficient for the patients admitted there.

The District Magistrate said that the alleged five-minute mock-drill for the supply of oxygen gas and saying that the plant at Modi Nagar has run out of oxygen, led to confusion. Considering this act a violation of the Epidemic Act, legal action is being taken.

Officials said that a case has been registered in the police station New Agra for the investigation of the said incident. Sealing Shri Paras Hospital with immediate effect, the Chief Medical Officer, Agra has been directed to properly shift 55 patients admitted here for treatment to different hospitals.

In this regard Dr. Arinjay Jain, Director of Shri Paras Hospital said, “District Magistrate PN Singh has directed that due to the ongoing investigation process against the hospital, there is a ban on the admission of any patient. The hospital is being sealed. I am ready for this and I am ready for it till I am proved innocent. ”

He alleged that there was a conspiracy against the hospital.


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