Now the forest will settle in the middle of the city, preparations for the government begin

Aarey Milk Colony near Sanjay Gandhi National Park A large part of the land protection of forest wealth An important decision to reserve for Maha Vikas Aghadi Government It was taken by Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray as soon as he came to power. Now this decision has been implemented. On Monday, the Aarey Milk Colony administration has given 812 acres of land notified for forest wealth in the possession of the Forest Department.

This information was given from the Chief Minister’s Office on Monday. The Chief Minister’s Office informed that the Chief Executive Officer of Aarey Milk Colony handed over the possession of the land to the Chief Conservator of Forests of the Forest Department. On this occasion the Tehsildar of Borivali and the city land measurement officer were also present.

tell that Devendra Fadnavis BJP government had given 30 hectares of land of Aarey Colony for metro car shed. The environmental lovers of the city strongly opposed this decision of the Fadnavis government. Hundreds of environmentalists, including a large number of youth, were agitating during the night when thousands of trees were being cut for the Metro car shed in Aarey Colony. But the Fadnavis government had driven the environment-loving agitators out of there by lathi-charge.

When the Maha Vikas Aghadi government came to power in the subsequent assembly elections, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray overruled the Devendra Fadnavis government’s decision to build a metro car shed on the Aarey land. And decided to preserve the forest settled on the land of Aarey Colony.

Last September, a decision was taken to transfer the land of Aarey Milk Colony to the Forest Department after discussing the change of ownership of the land between the State Government’s Milk Development Minister Sunil Kedar and Environment Minister Aaditya Thackeray. Only after that, after completing all the legal formalities, the possession of the land was handed over to the Forest Department on Monday.

The forest will remain on 812 acres of land
According to the information received from the Chief Minister’s Office, the land of Borivali, Goregaon, Marol Maroshi area of ​​Aarey Milk Colony has been given to the Forest Department. Out of this 125.422 hectares in Aarey Borivali, 71.631 hectares in Goregaon and 89.679 hectares at Marol Maroshi have been given to the Forest Department. Apart from this, 40.469 hectares of land of Marol Maroshi village has already been handed over to Sanjay Gandhi National Park. In this way, in total 812 acres of land will now remain forest.

The Chief Minister’s Office said that as a next step, according to Section 4 related to the reserved forest area, now suggestions and objections will be invited from the citizens in this regard and after hearing them the final notification will be issued. Let us inform that while reserving the land for the forest, the Chief Minister has also given instructions to keep the rights of the tribals living in Aarey Colony undisturbed.

Who has how much land in Aarey Colony

Modern Bakery – 18 Acres

Kokan Agricultural University – 145.80 acres

Film City – 329 Acres

Mahanand Dairy – 27 Acres

Water Complex (Powai) – 65 acres

Aarey Colony’s total land – 1281 hectares

Aarey land acquired so far – 333.50 hectare

Aarey and Greenery

The total number of trees in Aarey is 4.8 lakh

exotic variety of trees 40 percent

Number of trees cut down 2185

No. of Trees Replanted 1045

Number of newly planted trees 13000


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