Noida unlock metro: Aqua Line Metro back on track amid second wave of Corona, people will be able to travel with conditions

Noida-Greater Noida of Uttar Pradesh aqua line metro The operation has been started from Wednesday. Passengers will be able to travel in the metro only from 7 am to 8 pm. At present, the metro will not run during the weekend curfew. According to NMRC, keeping in mind the Kovid-19, the metro has been operated with full protocol related preparations. A special screening team has been set up at every station to check the passengers.

Explain that due to the lockdown imposed during the second wave of Corona, the operation of the metro was stopped on 1 May. Metro is back on track from June 9 after the unlock process of the lockdown started once again. At present, in the metro running five days a week, passengers will be able to travel from 7 am to 8 pm. At the same time, due to the weekend curfew on Saturday and Sunday, the metro will not run. Metro will be available at 15 minutes during peak hours, while metro will be available after 30 minutes during off peak hours.

Now only 50 percent passengers will be able to travel
NMRC has made full preparations before the operation of Noida-Greater Noida’s Life Line Metro. It will be mandatory to wear a mask with social distancing. NMRC MD Ritu Maheshwari said that marking has been done to ensure that social distancing is not violated at the ticket counters at metro stations. Along with this, passengers have been appealed to do more online transactions during the journey. At present, only 50 percent of the passengers will be able to travel in the metro. Arrangements were made to leave 1 seat for the passengers to sit. Thermal scanning of all passengers will be done before entering the station.

Metro sanitization done
In view of Kovid 19, the stations along with the metro have been completely sanitized before the journey. Before the journey, passengers are also being sanitized at the metro station, only after which they are being given entry to travel in the metro.

Passenger Ashish told that due to non-operation of the metro, he was facing a lot of trouble for the journey. Due to Kovid 19, there are problems in traveling in autos and buses. At the same time, due to the cost of petrol, pockets were becoming more loose while traveling in a private vehicle. On the other hand, Lalit Sharma told that he finds it very comfortable to travel in the metro. Now traveling by metro will be easy.


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