Noida News: The beauty of beauty, the spilled jam of beer, the friends used to call the house and rob everything


  • busted professional gang who cheated people in noida
  • After friendship, they used to rob at home on the pretext of drinking beer
  • Money used to make porn videos, two women, 3 youth arrested

A gang who robbed a honeytrap has been busted by the Sector-39 police station of Noida in UP. Two women and three youths have been arrested.

According to the police, the women and girls involved in the gang used to befriend high profile people by meeting on social media and in public places. After this, on the pretext of giving beer or food and drink party at her house, she used to call her at her flat in Sector 44.

porn videos of women were made
On reaching there, pornographic videos of women were made with her drunk or beaten up. Lakhs of rupees by threatening to make the video viral booty were taken.

This gang had called an engineer two days ago on Thursday night. According to the police, accused Sana knew that engineer. After reaching the hideout, Sana made him drink beer. After this Deepa called Sonty and Kuldeep.

Together they took the engineer’s 25 thousand rupees, car keys and all the belongings. He also made porn videos of him. After this, by showing the video, demanded Rs 2 lakh. When the engineer refused to pay such a huge amount, he started beating him.

When his health deteriorated due to beating, he was taken to the hospital
When his health deteriorated in the beating, he took the engineer to the hospital for fear of being trapped. Another accused Kuldeep was also involved with them. When the accused were returning after taking him back after treatment, the engineer somehow escaped. Thereafter he informed the police.

Two days ago, after trapping an engineer, the accused had looted him at his hideout. He was taken to the hospital when his health deteriorated during the beating. On his return, the victim had somehow escaped. Police Station Sector-39 took action on the complaint.

Ranvijay Singh, ADCP, Noida

robbed many more people
The accused admitted that this gang has robbed many doctors, engineers, managers by implicating them like this. The police also got information about some. These people accepted the incident of robbery but refused to complain.

accused in police custody


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