Noida Covid Vaccination: 187 people got Aligarh vaccine in Greater Noida’s Jaypee Greens, case registered


  • In the Jaypee Greens Society of Greater Noida, 187 people got registered in the case of Aligarh vaccine.
  • The health department did not get information about who got the vaccine, the investigation of this matter continues
  • It is being said that the Aligarh vaccine was administered to show its reach and status in the society.

Abhishek Tyagi, Noida
A case has been registered against unknown including six nominees in Beta-2 police station in the case of corona vaccine of Aligarh, which was administered to 187 people in Jaypee Greens Society of Greater Noida in UP. The health department has not received information about who got the vaccine. To show its reach and status in the society, the vaccine of Aligarh was installed here.

In the last week of May, a vaccination camp was organized at Jaypee Green Society, Greater Noida. In this, a vaccination camp was first organized by Fortis Hospital, which was paid. After this another camp was organized, which was free. When the residents here got the certificates of vaccination, they belonged to the Naurangabad Health Center in Aligarh.

Three-member team investigated
When the matter reached the government, administration and health center, the CMO was ordered to investigate. On Sunday, a three-member committee constituted by the Health Department went to JP Greens and investigated. In the investigation, it was found that the vaccine which was administered by the Naurangabad Health Center in Aligarh was Covaxin. Its batch number was from Aligarh.

What do people say?
If sources are to be believed, relatives of the health center officials in Aligarh live in JP Greens. Here is the Resident Welfare Association. The vaccine was administered by an association from Fortis Hospital, which was paid. In this society, there is a fight for supremacy between the relatives of health center officials, they did not get the vaccine in this camp.

To show their supremacy, the relatives of the officers organized a camp and got the Kovaxin residents installed. In this case, more than 300 officers and employees besides residents have also come under siege. The officers are from Aligarh and the residents are from Greater Noida.

What do the officials say?
CMO Dr. Deepak Ohri told that 187 people were administered the vaccine at Jaypee Greens Society of Naurangabad Health Center in Aligarh. They are being identified. In this case, Beta-2 case of Greater Noida has been registered against 6 health officers of Aligarh and others.

The person who got the Aligarh vaccine after setting up a camp, is likely to be a relative of the health officials. It is being verified. More than 300 people are under siege in the investigation. These include health department officials and people of Jaypee Greens Society.

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