No new thermal power project will be set up in Maharashtra: Nitin Raut

Aurangabad, Jun 11 (PTI) Maharashtra Power Minister Nitin Raut on Friday said that no new thermal power projects will be set up in the state despite the reduction in the cost of thermal power generation.

Talking to reporters in Aurangabad, Raut said that plans are being made to generate electricity from solar energy in the state and work is on for it.

β€œThe coal required for thermal power projects is brought from far-flung areas. Though the cost of thermal power generation has come down by 25 to 30 paise, all the thermal power projects in the state are running at full capacity. No new thermal power projects will be set up in the state.

Raut said the state government plans to generate 25,000 MW of electricity from solar power and a 17,000 MW project is in progress. The completion of the project may take time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reiterating the point of not waiving the electricity bill, the Energy Minister said, “The energy companies need raw material for which they take loan and they have to repay this loan also. If people use electricity, they should also pay for it.


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