No complete relaxation in restrictions anywhere in the state: Chief Minister

The threat of Corona is not over. The criteria and 5 levels we have set under Break the Chain. According to him, the local administration has to take a decision. Nowhere has restrictions been relaxed completely, nor has crowds been allowed at any stage at any stage at public events, functions, etc. The local administration will have to take very careful decisions in this regard. After the notification issued on June 4, it is understood that the lockdown restrictions implemented in the state will end completely, but this will not happen.

In this context, in a video conferencing with collectors and commissioners and senior police officers across the state on Sunday night, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray clarified the situation and said that the restrictions are not being completely abolished anywhere in the state. Officials of the local administration have been empowered to take decisions according to the situation in their respective areas, so where necessary the restrictions can be further tightened.

administration under any pressure
The Chief Minister gave clear instructions to the administrative officers that if there is even the slightest apprehension of worsening of the situation in their mind, then they should not stop implementing the restrictions with full force. The Chief Minister gave clear instructions to the officers not to come under any pressure while facing the situation.


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