Nityanand on Corona: Fugitive Nityanand’s bizarre claim, said- Corona will end when I set foot on Indian soil

New Delhi: The country is currently facing another wave of corona. The good news is that the number of Korna patients in the country has been declining over the past few days. Then a video of self-proclaimed saint Nityananda came in front. In which he is saying that Korona will end in India only when he sets foot on Indian soil.

In a video released a few days ago, a disciple of Nityananda is asking when Korona will leave India. Replying to this, Nityananda says that the goddess & lsquo; Amman & rsquo; Has penetrated into his spiritual body. Korona will leave India only when he sets foot on Indian soil. The video of Nityananda is going viral on social media.

Nityananda announced on April 19 that the second wave of Corona has banned entry to Kailasa Island for devotees from India. It has also announced a ban on immigrants from Brazil, the European Union and Malaysia.

The self-proclaimed saint Nityananda has been accused of sexual harassment. Nityananda fled India in 2019. Nityananda claims that he has established a virtual island which he has named Kailasa. Nityananda’s island is claimed to be around the coast of Ecuador. In which he has built his own cabinet. There are departments like health, education, technology, housing. Spiritual citizenship is written in the Citizenship column. Nityananda also unfurled a flag of his country. It has its own picture.

There are many island countries in South America, including Trinidad and Tobago, Ecuador, where anyone can buy an island privately. Which is similar to buying land directly. It is believed that Nityananda, a fugitive rape accused, bought a small private island somewhere around it and named it Kailasa, which claims to be the only Hindu nation in the world. However, the exact location is unknown.

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