Nitish Kumar on mission ‘Green Revolution’, 5 crore plantation target started, Bihar’s green cover reached 9 to 15%


  • Nitish Kumar on Mission ‘Green Revolution’
  • 5 crore plantation target started
  • Bihar’s green cover reaches 9 to 15%
  • Aim to reach 17% green cover

Bihar Chief Minister on the occasion of World Environment Day Nitish Kumar Launched Mission 5 crore plantation target. The CM planted a sapling in his residence complex located at Ek Ane Marg. After planting the plant neatly, gave soil and water in it. The plant that Nitish Kumar planted in his residence complex is mahogany. Mahogany leaves are mainly used in the treatment of many diseases including cancer, blood pressure, asthma, cold and diabetes. Mahogany wood is used for making boats as well as furniture. Its wood is considered valuable.

target of planting 5 crore saplings
Under the Jal Jeevan Hariyali Abhiyan, a target has been set to plant 5 crore saplings in the financial year 2021-22. On the occasion of World Environment Day, a formal start of tree plantation was also done in all the forest divisions. In order to fulfill the target of Mission 5.0 plantation, more than five and a half crore saplings have been prepared in the nurseries of the Forest Department. The target of planting saplings has also been given to different departments. Jal Jeevan Hariyali Mission was started on 26 October 2019, whereas Bihar had established Hariyali Mission in the year 2012 itself.

sensitive to green cover
In fact, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is very sensitive about increasing the green cover of the state. As a result of this, since coming to power, he is constantly paying attention to plantation. Due to the separation of Jharkhand from Bihar, the green cover of Bihar was greatly reduced. In such a situation, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar started the Hariyali Mission in the state, under which a plantation campaign was carried out across the state.

‘Mission Hariyali’ running for 9 years
Recently, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar himself gave the progress report of the Hariyali Mission being run in the state for the last 9 years. In which he had said that after bifurcation from Jharkhand, the green cover of Bihar was reduced to 9 percent. In 2012, Hariyali Mission was started in Bihar. By Earth Day 9 August 2020, 2 crore 51 lakh saplings were to be planted, while 3 crore 47 lakh saplings were planted in the state. Now the green cover of the state has become 15 percent. The target of achieving 17% green cover is being worked on.

Green area target of 17%
In order to remain green in Bihar, he had started Jal, Jeevan, Hariyali Yojana in the Seven Nishchay Yojana Part-1. Under this scheme, plantation was done on a war footing across the state. At the same time, in Saat Nischay Part-2, a plan has been announced regarding greenery. on which work is being done. Nitish Kumar has been heard talking on several occasions on plantation and green cover of the state. His words clearly show how serious and active he is on this issue. The hallmark of the same is that he started Mission 50 million saplings to achieve the target of 17 percent green cover on World Environment Day.


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