‘Narendra Singh Tomar’s son-in-law is pressurizing me to have a relationship, put Imarti Devi’s relative after me’, the nurse also accused the police of not taking action


  • Nurse of Jayarogya Hospital made serious allegations
  • Narendra Singh Tomar’s son-in-law accused of pressurizing him for physical relationship
  • Nurse claims, a babu of the hospital is also supporting the doctor

The staff nurse of Jairogya Hospital, Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh has made serious allegations against the sons-in-law of a Union Minister and a former minister. the nurse Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar The son-in-law of Dr. Pravesh Bhadauria has been accused of physical and mental torture. He has said that Bhadauria is being supported by the babu of the hospital who himself Former Minister Imarti Devi The son-in-law tells. The nurse alleges that she has even complained to the SP office, but the police is not taking any action.

The nurse has said that Dr Pravesh Bhadauria is torturing her for having physical relations. They threaten to be suspended if they do not listen to them. He has also accused Kanta Prasad, a Babu of Jayarogya Hospital, of supporting Bhadauria. Kanta Prasad describes himself as the son-in-law of Imarti Devi.

The nurse is posted in the gynecological department of Jayarogya Hospital. Dr. Bhadauria is the nodal officer in the grievance cell of the hospital. The nurse says that if Dr. Bhadauria is found anywhere in the campus, then he threatens that if you do not listen to me, then I will get suspended. To harass me, they have put Kanta Prasad Magraiya posted in the UDS of the hospital behind me. Kanta Prasad has also complained of FIR under SC/ST Act in Kampu police station to put pressure on him.

Dr. Bhadauria is the husband of the niece of Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar. Kanta Prasad describes himself as a relative of his Scindia-supporter Imarti Devi. The nurse says that everyone is afraid of these two due to political influence. That’s why no one complains, while many other women health workers have been upset with them in the past. The nurse said that she is not afraid, so she is taking up the matter on social media as well.

The nurse has complained about this to the police officers. He had also applied in the SP office, but the police is not taking any action due to being relatives of big leaders. The victim has warned that if she does not get justice, she will take strict action. It is a matter of her self respect and she will fight for justice. At the same time, police officials say that they are investigating in this matter.


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