Muzrai department only gives grants to Hindu temples, religious institutions: Minister

Bengaluru, June 10 (PTI) Karnataka Muzrai Minister Kota Srinivasa Pujari has directed Hindu religious institutions and the Department of Charity Endowment not to distribute their ‘tatik’ grants to non-Hindu religious institutions.

The Minister said that the grant received from the Settlement Department will be used only in Hindu temples and institutions and proper instructions have been given in this regard.

This direction has come after concerns were expressed about the department’s grant being given to non-Hindu institutions.

“Let me clarify that out of 34,500 Hindu temples in Karnataka, 27,000 temples receive an annual grant of Rs 48,000 each, which is roughly equivalent to an exact grant of Rs 133 crore,” Pujari said in a video statement.

Besides, religious centers have lost a lot of land during land reforms, the minister said.

He said that after the criticisms he had called for a report from the commissioner of the department, according to which, 764 non-Hindu religious institutions, temples are being given annual approval money and 111 are receiving other grants out of 27,000 temples.

“As per law, grants given by the Endowment Department can only be used by Hindu religious institutions…” the priest said.


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