Mumbai Rain News: Uddhav Thackeray took stock of the rain, gave instructions to the administration to normalize the situation


  • Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray took stock of the city of Mumbai
  • Due to heavy rains in Mumbai, water logging at various places
  • Mumbai roads turn into ponds due to waterlogging
  • Water entered the houses in low-lying areas

Due to the torrential rains in Mumbai, the roads of the city have become ponds. Water has entered people’s homes. In such Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray He himself took stock of the situation in Mumbai. He has also directed the administration to start the traffic smoothly and to drain the water at the earliest. The Meteorological Department had already announced the arrival of monsoon and warned of heavy rains for a few days.

In view of the possibility of heavy rains, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray had called an emergency meeting of the Disaster Management Department two days ago and ordered all the agencies to be prepared and alert. The Chief Minister has also directed that the patients including Kovid should not face any kind of problem. There should not be any obstacle in his treatment. Special attention has been given to this matter.

Reality of BMC
This water, which has accumulated on people’s homes, railway tracks and roads, is once again seen exposing all the preparations of BMC. This view is when the confluence of rain and hightide has not happened. If this meeting takes place somewhere, then the troubles of the city of Mumbai are sure to increase manifold. It is not that the local administration does not know this. The accumulation of rain water in low-lying areas in Mumbai is a result of the negligence of the BMC. This time too, the BMC had claimed to have completely cleaned the big drains of the city, but the rain has already told how much work the BMC has done and how much it has not.

water water mumbai
The tracks of Santacruz, Andheri Subway, Dadar TT, Grant Rod, Sion Gandhi Market, Milan Subway, Sion Railway Station, besides these, all low-lying areas of Mumbai have been submerged. Incessant rains have started from Mumbai. Yes, monsoon has made a strong knock in Mumbai. The Meteorological Department had also already warned that there is a possibility of very heavy rains in Mumbai. In the very first rain, Mumbai turned into a pond. Where the kingdom of water is visible on the streets of Mumbai, the financial capital of the country. Rain water has entered people’s homes without permission.

Mumbai roads turn into ponds due to waterlogging


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