Mumbai Crime News: Nitin Gadkari’s fake brother arrested from Karnataka, accused of duping lakhs


  • Cheating in the name of Union Minister Nitin Gadkari
  • One arrested for claiming to be Gadkari’s brother
  • Police arrested accused father-son from Karnataka
  • The accused had cheated lakhs in the name of Gadkari

The police of Dombivli area adjacent to Mumbai has arrested one such father and son. Those who used to call themselves relatives of Union Minister Nitin Gadkari and on this pretext both of them cheated many people of lakhs of rupees. Vishnu Nagar Police of Dombivali has arrested both of them from Karnataka.

Both these accused used to implicate people by telling them to get government jobs and gold at cheap prices. After that the money was not returned. The arrested accused father’s name is Rajan Gadkari. While the name of the son is Anand Gadkari. The accused did not even spare their daughter-in-law and hatched a conspiracy against her so that she could be framed. The accused fled away with the four-year-old son of the father-son daughter-in-law and their grandson. After which the daughter-in-law told the whole matter in the police station.

The family escaped leaving the daughter-in-law
When people came to know that the Gadkari family had cheated them, people started demanding their money back, after which the Gadkari family fled from Dombivli but left behind their daughter-in-law. Bahu Geetanjali pleads with the police to get back her 4-year-old son. Geetanjali told the police that her husband and father-in-law had done all the transactions from her own bank account.

how the action took place
After Gitanjali’s statement, the police registered a case based on the complaint of the victim Atul Palsamkar. Geetanjali narrated all the actions of her husband and father-in-law to the police. The police also assured him to be made a witness. Only then the accused were arrested. The daughter-in-law continued to demand the police to get her son back and the early arrest of the accused. The police have arrested the accused from Karnataka by forming two teams.


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