Mukta’s small screen entry again, will have a romance with Umesh

Soon a new series ‘Still Raining’ is coming to the audience.

Mumbai, June 9- Famous in Marathi (Marathi Actress(Actress Mukta Barve)Mukta Colors) Is about to flash on the small screen once again. ‘It’s still raining’ (Ajunahi Barsat Ahe) She is coming to the fans from this series. Actor Umesh Kamat with Mukta (Umesh Kamat) Will appear in. It is said that love does not end when a relationship ends. The story of this series will be in line with this line.

The promo of this series has been released recently. In this, Meera i.e. Mukta and Adi i.e. Umesh Kamat are on the list of brides. And suddenly they meet. And from what they said, it was clear that they were already in love. But even though they have a breakup right now, they still have some feelings about each other. Overall, this is the story of a couple who broke up and reunited after a few years. It will be interesting to see if the love blossoms in them again.

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This series will be available on Sony Marathi. The series will air from July 12. The series is titled ‘It’s Still Raining’. Umesh Kamat and Mukta Barve will be seen in the duo. Both of them are great Marathi actors. Both of them have created a special fan base with their acting. So fans are jam-packed to see them return to the small screen. So, there is no doubt that both of them will get a good response from the fans.

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First published:June 9, 2021 at 12:20 PM IS


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