Mohit – Momo’s Romantic VIDEO; The audience was happy to see the chemistry

Fame Mohit and Momo danced to the romantic song ‘Yehu Kashi Tashi Mein Nandayala’. WATCH VIDEO

Mumbai June 11 : Zee Marathi (Zee Marathi) The popular series on the channel ‘How can I take a bath’ (Yeu Kashi Tashi Mi Nandayla) Is always in the discussion. The series has gained popularity in a short period of time. Every character in the series is well liked by the audience. Not only the hero-heroine but also Mohit who plays a negative role in the series (Mohit) And Momo (Momo) The audience also loves these characters.

Momo and Mohit have done an abandoned dance to a romantic song. They were both seen dancing to the old song ‘Duniya Mein Aaye Ho To Pyaar Kar Lo’. The audience is also happy to see his chemistry. Many have commented on their chemistry and said they liked the video.

Both are seen in the role of villains in the series. The humorous part is also shown in the same way. The work of Mohit i.e. actor Nikhil Raut and Momo i.e. actress Mira Jagganath in the series is also very popular among the viewers.

Om and Sweetu are currently in love with each other in the series. They have confessed their love for each other and now their true love story has begun. Mohit, however, is helping Malvika. Struggling to separate Om and Sweetoo. Besides, Momo is trying to escape with as much money as possible.

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Nalu, on the other hand, is in complete opposition to Om and Sweetu’s love, but Sweetu is scared. So, the audience is paying attention to how Om and Sweetu will get married. Whether Sweetu will be able to convince Nalu and whether Malvika will stop her conspiracy will be clear in the coming episode.

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