Mission Artemis NASA: Another Indian daughter to kiss the moon… Suhasini, a resident of Coimbatore, is leading the team of Mission Artemis

After Swati Mohan and Bob Balaram, another Indian scientist Suhasini Iyer is on the verge of raising the flag of success in NASA. She is playing an important role in NASA’s very important mission Artemis. Under this, preparations are being made to land humans again on the moon. In the mission, Suhasini is handling the core stage of the rocket. This is the backbone of the mission.

Suhasini is originally from Coimbatore. He earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from VLB Jankimal College, Tamil Nadu in 1992. She was the first girl in her college to become a mechanical engineer. She has been working for the Space Launch System (SLC) project of NASA’s Moon mission for the last two years.

Will travel about 4 lakh 50 thousand kilometers from Earth
Suhasini told that under the first mission Artemis-1, a spacecraft named Orion will go to the moon without humans. Orion will travel about 4 lakh 50 thousand kilometers from Earth, which will be further than the surface of the Moon.

Preparing to send humans in 2024
This mission is of 3 weeks. He said that Orion will go to the Moon and beyond thousands of kilometers and from there will send us different types of data and information. NASA will also test the capability of Orion, whether this spacecraft can send humans to the moon? After this, humans will be landed on the moon in 2024 under the mission Artemis-2.

Suhasini leading the team
Suhasini is leading the Launch Integrated Product Team for the Artemis-1 mission. Its responsibility is to make different parts for Artemis-1, which will take the Orion spacecraft into space by the Space Launch System (SLC). Under the NASA mission, one woman and one man will be sent to the moon.

flags of success
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