Mehul Choksi’s scam coming up in the film? Madhur Bhandarkar said

Director Bhandarkar likes the story of Mehul Choksi and his beloved Barbara Jabarika.

Mumbai June 10 : Mehul Choksi, a fugitive accused in a major scam in India (Mehul Choksi) Now it has been found in the hands of the police. Caribbean (Caribbean) In the country it is Dominica (Dominica) Is in police custody. He had fled Antigua in May. He was later found in Dominica. Choksi’s girlfriend Barbara Jabarika (Barbara Jabarica) This is also currently under discussion. But she has said that she is not Choksi’s girlfriend.

Famous Bollywood director Madhur Bhandarkar on the story of Mehul Choksi and Barbara Jabarika (Madhur Bhandarkar) Wants to make a movie. They find this story strange. He has expressed this desire by tweeting. “This story could be a short webseries or a movie,” he wrote.

After this, many of Bhandarkar’s fans and followers also reacted to him. ‘Some said make it yourself’, ‘Some said make an announcement soon.’

Barbara recently revealed that she is not Mehul Choksi’s girlfriend. She said, ‘Choksi had met me last year. And he had said his name was Raj. They met in August. “We became friends after that,” she said.

Barbara went on to say, ‘We talked to each other about last year’s visit. He then tried to flirt with me. He then gave me a diamond ring and a bracelet, but it turned out to be fake. ‘ She says she had no hand in Choksi’s kidnapping. And they’re just good friends. Choksi has no hand in the scam in India. When she met Choksi, he was very simple and she only saw him as a good friend.

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First published:June 10, 2021 11:59 AM IS


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