Meet Peepal Baba of Jhunjhunu on World Environment Day, preparing oxygen stock for 46 years


  • Oxygen has been prepared for 46 years
  • Khetri Gopal Krishna Sharma prepares Peepal plants
  • distribute peepal plants for free
  • 30 to 40 thousand saplings have been prepared
  • Plants are prepared only from Peepal.

Jhunjhunu Zahida Khan
During the Corona crisis across the country, where there were discussions about oxygen. At the same time, it was also talked about how important it is for us to save the environment for oxygen. today is World Environment Day. On this occasion, today we are introducing you to such a person of Jhunjhunu Khetri, who has helped a lot in saving people from global warming by becoming an environmental friend. His name is Gopalkrishna Sharma, who is also known as Peepal Baba in Jhunjhunu.

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30 to 40 thousand saplings prepared
Let us tell you that Gopal Sharma has been preparing peepal plants to store oxygen at home for more than 46 years. These plants are prepared and distributed to the people free of cost. Oxygen reserves are motivating to plant peepal plants. Every year three hundred to four hundred saplings are prepared. All these plants are being distributed free of cost. This Peepal Baba of Jhunjhunu has so far prepared 30 to 40 thousand saplings and distributed them free of cost.

Peepal wipes prepare by saving from the income of private job
Gopalkrishna Sharma of Jhunjhunu prepares these plants in his house. The plant takes care of itself. His daughter and son give full support. Taking care of plants every morning and evening is their daily work. All his expenses are borne by himself, Gopal Sharma works in a private company, he does not get enough salary that he can spend money. But then Gopal Sharma has so much passion to plant Peepal plants that he deducts from his expenses and prepares these plants. Gopal Krishna Sharma talks about planting thousands of saplings in the district and also outside the district. With the help of the district administration, we distribute these peepal plants. Gopal Sharma prepares Peepal plants only. Because it is considered a source of oxygen.

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Plants of short stature, so that there is no problem
The plants prepared by Gopal Sharma are three to four feet tall. So there is no problem to install. Gopal Sharma says that every person should plant saplings. Plant such saplings on birthdays, death anniversaries, weddings, and other programs, so that the memory remains throughout life.

Father got inspiration, got many honors
Gopal Sharma says that while doing this, I understood one thing that trees are our family. Now children are also taking inspiration. Children give full support. Gopal Sharma tells that he got this inspiration from his father. After this he did not come in any year that he did not prepare the saplings. His father also had a great love for Peepal plants. Made a deep impact on my mind. After that I made my life to plant trees. Gopal Sharma is a graduate. Tried to move forward in the field of environment, slowly moving forward. Gopal Krishna Sharma has also been honored at the state level once. At the same time, due to this dedication, he has been honored many times at the district level and subdivision level.

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