Meerut: Record 1087 dead bodies buried in 1000 years old cemetery in just two months, if the space is less then the soil was poured again

Rashid Zaheer, Meerut
A record 1087 dead bodies were buried in the last 2 months at Hazrat Bale Mian Cemetery in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, which is the first time in the 1000-year history of this cemetery. It was told that due to so many dead bodies, there was less space in the cemetery and many times earthwork was done again in the cemetery. The cemetery remains a matter of discussion due to so many deaths in the second wave of Corona. However, the figures released by the Medical Department do not match with the number of these deaths.

In the last two months of April and May, 1087 people were buried in a thousand-year-old graveyard Hazrat Bale Mian in Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh. This is a cemetery record. Built in the year 1034, this cemetery is famous as the Mazar of Hazrat Bale Mian and is the largest cemetery in Meerut. Mutawalli (manager) of the cemetery, Mufti Ashraf, says that in the two months of April and May, 1087 funerals were brought here.

no proof of death from corona
These deaths occurred in the second wave of corona, but they have no evidence of how many people died due to corona in these deaths. One reason for this, the managers also tell that the families of the people who died in their homes used to hide the cause of death, but the data of the dead who came directly from the hospital with the Kovid protocol is also more than one hundred and fifty.

54 in April and 304 in May
Meerut’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Akhilesh Mohan told NBT that the number of deaths due to Kovid in the month of April is 54 while in the month of May these deaths are 304. According to the CMO, 358 deaths occurred due to corona in April and May in the entire district. This data of only one big graveyard in Meerut shakes. In just 60 days of April and May, 1087 people were buried in this cemetery alone. There are dozens of such graveyards in Meerut.

The atmosphere of fear around the cemetery
If the data of the rest of the graveyards and cremation grounds will be collected, then it can be estimated how much the number will increase. Those who live near the graveyard shudder to remember. Shahzad, an artisan who repairs the inverter in the colony living near the cemetery, says that he has not seen so many funerals coming in one day in his life in the Bale Mian cemetery. At the same time, other people of the colony were also frightened after seeing so many funerals during the Corona period. The people living in Ram Nagar, a colony just opposite the cemetery, used to stop their children from looking there.


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