Meerut news: Electoral rivalry… BDC candidate’s husband had returned after filing his wife’s nomination, shot dead at home


  • A bloody battle has broken out in Meerut district before the election of the District Panchayat President.
  • On Sunday afternoon, the husband of BDC candidate was roasted and murdered.
  • Candidate husband’s father and uncle were also injured in the attack of the former block chief.

Nikhil Sharma, Meerut
A bloody battle has broken out in Meerut district before the election of the Zilla Panchayat President. On Sunday afternoon, the candidate husband, who returned after getting his wife’s nomination for BDC member, was gunned down in his own house. The father and uncle of the candidate’s husband were also seriously injured in the attack by the former block chief and his supporters. The police arrested the main accused while giving a quick raid. On Sunday afternoon, Rahul, along with his supporters, had returned home after filing Anjali’s nomination.

first threatened then attacked
Rahul’s father Jaipal alleges that in the afternoon, former block chief Yogendra reached his house. Yogendra pressurized Anjali to withdraw her nomination in support of her candidate Arun. But when Jaipal refused, Yogendra, furious with anger, returned to his home.

Shortly after this, Yogendra along with his sons and relatives attacked Jaipal’s house. The attackers armed with sticks and guns thrashed Yogendra and his elder brother Baburam. During this, the accused opened fire on Rahul, who was intervening. Due to which Rahul fell on the ground bleeding and the accused fled from the spot.

There was uproar as soon as he was declared dead in the hospital
After the incident, there was a stir in the whole village. The injured Jaipal and Baburam, with the help of villagers, rushed to a nursing home located in Ganganagar after putting Rahul in the car, covered in blood. Where doctors declared Rahul dead. There was chaos in the house as soon as the information about Rahul’s death was received.
On the other hand, after getting information about the incident, CO Sadar Dehat Poonam Sirohi reached the spot with the force of several police stations.

The police arrested the main accused Ankit, while raiding the entire village in search of the accused. CO Sadar Dehat Poonam Sirohi said that the father of the deceased, Jaipal, has filed a report of assault and murder, naming many unknowns including former block chief Yogendra and his sons Uttam, Ankit, Uday and relatives Aman and Vikal. Former block chief Yogendra’s son Ankit has been arrested. The search is on for the other accused.

Rahul (file photo)


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