Mathura: Retired soldier, who reached the police station with a complaint, was beaten up fiercely, SSP did the line

Nirmal Rajput, Mathura
A constable posted in the Thana Highway of Mathura, Uttar Pradesh has been accused of third degree torture to a retired soldier who came to the police station to rescue his brother. The victim retired soldier along with his associates reached the SSP office and demanded action against the accused. Taking cognizance of the matter, the SSP has sent the accused inspector to the line.

Team of retired soldiers reached SSP office
The matter is of June 6. Vishnu, a resident of Dhana Teja of Thana Highway area, was eating food while sitting at a dhaba located on the side of the highway, when Chandrashekhar, a police officer posted on the police station there, reached there. It is alleged that the policeman assaulted the youth and brought him to the police station. When his brother, retired soldier Dharmendra Kumar came to know about Vishnu being taken to the police station by the police. Dharmendra reached the police station to rescue his brother.

It is alleged that Inspector Chandrashekhar, who described himself as Singham, kept the retired soldier at the police station overnight and did third degree torture and left the next day. Victim retired soldier Dharmendra reached the SSP office on Thursday along with a team of his retired army comrades and narrated his pain. Victim retired soldier Dharmendra says that even while leaving the police station, Inspector Chandrashekhar threatened him and said that I am Singham and no one can harm me.

SSP did the line to the inspector

On coming to the notice of the matter, SSP Dr. Gaurav Grover has ordered an inquiry into the matter and assured justice to the victim and action against the accused. At the same time, Inspector Vinod Yadav, in-charge of the police station in this regard, said that on June 6, Inspector Chandrashekhar had gone to the spot on the information of an altercation at the hotel. SSP Sahib has taken action to attend the line to Inspector Chandrashekhar.


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