Mathura News: Health system in Mathura is in disarray, straw and dung filled in government hospital


  • The straw and dung are filled in the primary sub health center of Khirari village
  • Center villagers demand to restore health services soon
  • Ruins became a sub-health center among the population of 5 thousand
  • Primary sub-health center was built in 2005, villagers warned of agitation

Nirmal Rajput, Mathura
These days the primary sub-health center, established in the year 2005 in village Khirari of Raya block of Mathura, is waiting for doctors and medicines. In this sub-health center, which is closed in this village with a population of 5 thousand, where some people have kept their cattle feed, some people have kept the firewood dumplings here. During the orgy of Corona, where people were longing for health facilities. Now the situation has come under control, so the villagers of this village have also demanded from the higher officials to start this sub-health center of the village again for the service of the villagers.

The hearing was not done even after the complaint of the officials of the Health Department
The primary sub-health center at Khirari village, 10 km from Kasba Raya, is in a dilapidated condition. For years neither doctors nor medicines are available at this sub-health center. Instead of medicines, the villagers have filled straw and cow dung inside the sub health center. Villagers say that neither the doctor nor any staff has been posted here for many years. If any woman or man and child of the village is ill, then Raya has to be visited. Bhuri Singh, former head of Khirari village and current head Dharamvir Singh told that this primary sub-health center was constructed in 2005. People got treatment here for 1 month, after that neither any doctor came nor did the health department officials take care of it.

Entry used to be in the house as a courier boy, used to take away valuables of the house, were caught like this
Center filled animal feed and dung

He said that inside the sub-centre, straw and cow dung are full. Many times he also appealed to the local people not to fill straw and cow dung, but the people of the village do not agree. Complaint letters have been sent to the officials of the Health Department as well as the higher officials of the district regarding the condition of the primary sub-health center of the village. The result was only three leaves of Dhak. Lice will not even crawl on the ear of any officer. Here the people of the village are afraid of Corona. Among the population of 5 thousand, the same sub health center, the local citizen Governor Singh and the villagers have warned the health department and the district officials. The villagers have said that if the problem is not resolved soon, then we will be forced to agitate at the district level. Governor Singh told that the population of the village is 5 thousand. It is the only sub-health center among this population. Villagers have to stumble from door to door, but no one is ready to listen.

Sub center will start soon
When the condition of the Khirari sub-health center deteriorated, when the in-charge of Kovid spoke to Dr. Bhudev, he told that the sub-centre in-charge has been directed. The villagers had kept straw and cow dung cakes, they have been removed. In view of the Corona period, the sub center will be started soon.

Mathura News: Health system in Mathura is in disarray, straw and dung filled in government hospital

Mathura News: Health system in Mathura is in disarray, straw and dung filled in government hospital


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