Marathi director angry over Mumbai’s Tumbai; The wisdom of the rain …

Director Kedar Shinde criticized the situation in Mumbai during the first rains.

Mumbai June 9 : The first rains have started in the state with torrential showers (Heavy rain) Is sitting. Despite occasional breaks, the rains have continued. As usual, Mumbaikars in the first rain this year too (Mumbai) Seen happening. After a few hours of torrential downpours, Mumbai is once again flooded. Many now began to accuse him as usual. Marathi director Kedar Shinde too (Kedar Shinde) We have given our opinion on this.

Director Kedar Shinde, who is known for his outspokenness and bold statements, is often seen expressing his views on various topics. Opposition groups called for a boycott of the assembly. Therefore, the hashtag ‘Mumbai Tumbai’ was also used on Twitter.

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Speaking on this, Kedar Shinde said, ‘Rain does not have a common sense. 5 I was protected by #bmc. He always falls over and does Tumbai.

It has been raining in Mumbai since early morning. Due to the stagnant water in many low lying areas of Mumbai and its suburbs, ordinary Mumbaikars as well as servants coming to Mumbai from outside had to suffer a lot.

The locals were also shut down in a few hours due to water logging on the tracks of the local train. Therefore, the general public got to see the picture as soon as they had to suffer in the first rain. Apart from this, many also criticized the Mumbai Municipal Corporation. And many also tweeted that arrangements were made as BMC had said.

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First published:June 9, 2021 7:00 PM IS


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