Maharashtra: Youth kills teenager to avenge insult to mother

Nagpur, Jun 11 (PTI) A 20-year-old man allegedly killed a 15-year-old teenager in Maharashtra’s Nagpur to avenge his mother’s insult. A police officer gave this information on Friday.

An officer of MIDC police station said that a youth named Suraj Sahu kidnapped Mangallu Pandey (15) on Thursday and thrashed him to death with a stone.

According to the police officer, Sahu claimed that Kishor’s uncle had insulted his mother by harassing her. The accused called Manglu’s parents and threatened that if they send the photo of Manglu’s uncle’s severed head through WhatsApp, only then Manglu would return alive and after some time he killed Manglu by beating him with a stone. .

Police said Sahu escaped from the spot, but was nabbed from Borkhedi.


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