Maharashtra Superstition News: The child again became a victim of superstition in Maharashtra, the tantrik fired his stomach with a hot iron rod


  • In Maharashtra, a child again became a victim of a tantrik
  • The condition of the child became critical due to the tantrik
  • Tantric shot the child with an iron rod
  • Action initiated against Melghat police tantrik

Even today in Maharashtra, due to lack of education, people of tribal society are seen getting treatment from tantriks and quacks instead of getting treatment from doctors. In the end, the patient has to bear the brunt. A similar case has come to the fore in Melghat area of ​​Amravati district of Maharashtra.

Where a tantrik touched a hot iron rod on the stomach to cure a 3-year-old child of the tribal society from the disease. This tantrik did this not once, but many times. Because of this, the condition of the innocent child has worsened. Also, there is a deep wound in his stomach.

what is the matter
A three-year-old boy named Rajratna Jamunkar was ill near Khatkali area of ​​Chilkhadara tehsil. The parents of the child live in the Paratwada area due to work work. He got the child treated by a private doctor in Dhamangaon area but to no avail. In such a situation, the parents took the child to a tantrik for treatment. Where the tantrik fired the child with hot bars in the name of treatment. Due to this the child has suffered serious injuries and his condition is said to be critical.

Yashomati Thakur visited
On getting information about the incident, State Women and Child Welfare Minister Yashomati Thakur went to the hospital and took stock of the condition of the child and encouraged him by talking to his family members.


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